Linda Binti Intitiative

Linda DADA INITIATIVE How we have been Helping Woman’s Hope has been a beacon to many women for over ten years. A couple of years ago we established the Season for Girls initiative. Our goal was to nature leadership skills by creating a sense of self awareness, self-esteem and self-worth, while at the same time […]


THE COVID-19 CHALLENGE How we have been Helping With the onset of the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and sole means of livelihood. Many slum dwellers are dependent on casual jobs that pay on a daily basis. Owing to their congested and mostly un hygienic living spaces, many employers shied away from employing them […]

“This is My Story” – The Girl Who is a Mother at 17

In this photo, Woman’s Hope Director, Consolata Waithaka shares a moment with *Irene I first met this girl (let’s call her Irene) in October last year. At Woman’s Hope Kenya we hold regular mentorship meetings with teenage girls from resource poor areas. To protect her identity I won’t say where she lives. FYI, it is […]