• To support vulnerable families who are survivors of Gender Based Violence at
    Hope rescue centre
  • To support building of a safe House for survivors of Gender Based Violence;
    Women and Girls in Kajiado County in Kenya
  • To support GBV survivors with a sustainable exit plan for reintegration in the

To understand why these three missions are so important, here is our story.

For more than 15 years, Woman’s Hope Kenya has been offering lifesaving services to women and girls who are survivors of Gender Based Violence in Kenya, providing a safe home and a rescue center.

The safe House is a transitional shelter, that provides, rescue, protection, recovery, mentorship and empowerment as a key exit strategy. We support the vulnerable families throughout their journey of justice and rights.

Due to the high number of survivors at the centre, we are appealing for you to team up with us and put a smile on their faces. You can join and champion their feeding programme to give them food, to give women and Girls with Dignity Kit and support infants at the centre with baby wear.

Also, you can champion for the ongoing construction and equipping of a Safe House for the survivors. To us, this is more than a Rescue Center. It is personal. We hope you’ll join our mission and become a Champion for Hope.


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