Our purpose is to work with women, girls, the communities they thrive and collaborative partners So that our efforts creates and champions a world in which every woman and girl reaches her full potential.

Thriving communities start with powerful women

When women and girls have access to power and resource, are thriving in a safe environment free from violence and exploitation, then, they have the capability and confidence to make positive choices and participate fully and equally in creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

When a girl is educated her community is educated

when a woman runs a successful business, 90%of her income is channeled back to her family and community.

An empowered woman makes healthy choices for herself, her community and her children.

When women earn their own income, they consistently invest up to 90 % into their families

When a woman is educated, she plans her family,

Educated mothers pass on their education to their children are twice likely to send their girls to school.

Focus areas

Autonomy of body and mind

Women and girls are denied the right to make choices and decision of their own bodies, mind and day to day life in general, often girls and women are told how to act, who to marry and at what age; how they should feel and when to express themselves. They are bound by cultural norms that servilely limit their limit their freedom of choice and expression. Our work is to empower women and girls to be autonomous of their body, voice, mind and interaction- such as that this autonomy is reflected in their choice of gender, sexuality, reproduction, association and used to fight gender violence in all its form.

Empowering Adolescent girls- Girl Power

An educated girl is more likely to stay healthy, save money, build a business, have fewer and healthier children, innovate community solutions and educate her sons and daughters equally. We believe every girl is born smart and empowered all we have to do is dismantle the structures that prevent girls from living their full potential. We ensure that girl have an education, that they are not vulnerable to violence and exploitation and they know their worth


Communities cannot live without women, but they can adapt to living with and for women as equal contributors to development and growth. Investing in environments where women and girls thrive not only makes economic sense but also ensures increased success rates in programs targeted at girls and women. By taking a proactive approach of advocating for communities to invest in women safety, we are breaking social political and cultural norms that hinder women’s prosperity. WE work along communities to build a better world for women and girls, our advocacy efforts challenge policies, systems, ultra-norms, attitudes, practices that make it difficult for women and girls to thrive and live life in all its fullness.Our advocacy work amplifies the voices of women, we do not replace them. We place them in the fore front of campaigns, initiatives for a better society for and with women

Voice and influence (championing)

More and more women and girls continue to be shut out of places where ideas and opinions are formed and decisions made. Their influence in the world remains limited. They occupy less seat opinion, influence elective positions including in parliament and government. Our work champions the voices of women and girls. Providing them a platform to own their space in communities as equal contributors.

Movement building

We know that when women and girls organize and come together, they pull resources, their voices unbound and in this togetherness, they defy the norm and shift power opportunity, laws and cultures necessary to achieve gender equality.

Our work and impact today

Since our inception in 2003, we have worked to transform the lives of women and girls living in urban slums through economic empowerment and education. We have ensured women and girls know their worth and that communities understand this worth and willing to give it a chance. Our work with young women has adopted skills and job readiness accelerator model- equipping girls with skills that have ensured job placement and entrepreneur success. Through leadership development boot camps, we are building a movement of smart teenage girls ready to take on the world.

We pledge a special case for bright but needy girls ensuring we eliminate barriers that still prevent them for accessing and staying in school.

With the right programs in the right place, we involve key community groups, partners and investor and families to provide thriving environments for all. Together we build a movement of empowered women and girls. Our approach and work are driven by the voices of women and girls who are the heart of what we do.