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Women in Positions of influence conference

 Women are finally well represented in positions of leadership and influence in most organizations across the country. Yet, despite these visible signs of success, many of us are finding the road to leadership success rocky. Ever feel like you run into unspoken rules, imaginary boundaries and contradictory messages every which way you turn? Women always find that they have to “prove themselves” again and again—that others don’t feel as credible as your male counterparts? If you’re nodding your head in agreement (and, trust us, virtually every woman in our position is), we’re excited to tell you about Leadership and Management Skills for Women in positions of influence. It’s one of those rare opportunities to acquire important leadership skills and use those newfound skills to gain the respect of other leaders and your constituence. It’s filled with insights into the special and often-overlooked talents female leaders can bring to the table and cutting-edge tactics successful female leaders are using right now to make things happen in their influence positions. You’ll master the specific set of skills and tools you need to carry out every one of your demanding responsibilities with unshakable confidence and competence. Learn new, better ways to communicate, delegate, discipline, coach, motivate … and take the place you so richly deserve at the leadership table.

Why is this workshop a must-attend?

  • It’s a two-day learning experience tailor-made for women in Positions of influence (like you) who face difficult challenges every day and need solutions that work
  • You’ll leave the workshop not only a better manager and leader, but someone inspired to reach for higher levels of success in all aspects of your life—and with the know-how to achieve it
  • Most importantly, you’ll network and share ideas with like-minded women from your area looking to make their mark as successful leaders and major contributors to their organizations

5 more benefits of attending.

  1. Develop the emotional intelligence. Explore how to understand and express your own emotions and understand, interpret and respond to the emotions of others …  and become more satisfied and successful—at work and at home.
  2. Learn the new rules for communicating clearly and confidently—when it matters most. No need to wonder if you’re being heard and your contributions acknowledged—this workshop will provide you with specific techniques and strategies for communicating positively and with less stress than ever before.
  3. Discover practical techniques and strategies for getting the support of those around you. If there are times you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn simple changes for winning employee approval … and getting what you need to have done, done.
  4. Get the secrets to negotiating unreasonable deadlines and demands with professionalism. During the workshop, you’ll get lots of innovative ideas for saying “no” effectively. Develop a winning combination of diplomacy and speaking skills, and you’ll have what it takes to keep everyone happy … including yourself!
  5. Increase your effectiveness and satisfaction—and eliminate a lot of stress! You’ll get hundreds of practical solutions that address your attitude, vision and unique work and personal challenges … which means you’ll steer clear of working twice as hard, have confidence in your management abilities, lead better and get more fulfillment than ever from your career and life!


It’s easy to enroll!

By phone: +254737333741

By email: enroll@womanshope.org

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