Economic empowerment is one of the durable interventions while addressing social problems. It encompasses the aspects of increased literacy, business knowledge, and economic independence. With the institutionalization of micro-financing to women, Woman’s Hope continues to build their capacities on entrepreneur skills and access to finance facilities through training.

We have trained women to weave baskets and which will see the paper bags use a thing of the past. The baskets are environmentally friendly and we are urging the corporate to partner with us in recognizing and appreciating what these women do and take the bold step of freeing them from the shackles of poverty.

We believe that after the successful execution of this exercise the women will be more financially sound, at the same time help in environmental conservation by eradicating paper bags that are not eco-friendly. In the same way, the public will have increased skills and knowledge on how to handle the different levels of gender Violence and stereotypes in our society.

We hereby humbly invite you to partner with us in this very noble course as we strive to make a difference in the fight towards making women relevant in the community’s course.


The campaign Dubbed “Go Kikapu And Empower A Woman” will create and enhance awareness especially in the low and middle-class women who we believe have inadequate information regarding problems that they face.

Women in the targeted areas will make baskets and Woman’s Hope will find a market on their behalf. Thereafter everything is set and done, all the proceeds from this venture will get back to them.

These baskets will be sold to or in supermarkets and major shopping malls starting with Nairobi then gradually spreading countrywide. This is because we have it in our mind that there are two types of women in Kenya; the urban and rural woman. These groups have totally different lifestyles and mindsets so whatever we do will be tailor-made to suit their needs.

Target: We are aiming to reach more than 50,000 women annually.

The branded item with corporate Logo Package

Our partner’s logo will appear on each sponsored basket.
To make maximum impact, we request the Corporate to sponsor a minimum of 1000 pieces
The items will be distributed in the supermarkets and malls

Benefits to our Partner/ Sponsors:

  • Visibility – Will appear on the woven baskets
  • Brand positioning – Strengthening & enhancing of brand name