Dear parents,

Did you know that adolescence is a time of psychological risk and heightened vulnerability for girls?

Did you know that, when girls reach puberty, they may be torn between pressures to conform to a dominant cultural ideal of “selfless” femininity and womanhood –and if not well mentored and guided there is an increased risk in conforming and losing one’s voice as well as important relationships?

Adolescence for girls means greater possibilities and a broadening more exciting yet confusing world. This means that without proper mentorship, life for most girls becomes an endless self-searching journey. It is a critical period of physical, emotional and psychological changes that need continuous mentoring and hand holding.

This is why I am urging you to consider enrolling you daughter today for our self-awareness and leadership camp. It is a great start for your girl to an exciting world of interaction with mentors and experiences of other girls.

Together with mentors we lead your girl through a process that changes her beliefs, her attitudes, her level of knowledge and her particular traits and behaviors that keep her from living her full potential.
Through fun activities, we will help your girl, understand social factors that surround her and how these factors affect how she relates to her peers, to male counterparts, her family and the wider community. Remember, the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of these people all have an impact upon her life.

Our camp is open to young women ages 14- 18 and provides an open direct, safe dialogue on issues affecting them. At the camp, girls talk about everything that’s relevant to what it means to be a girl today—that could be fashion, and beauty, careers and relationships, sex and drugs, local issues, global issues, everything you can imagine in between.
Enroll your daughter now for our 5-day full board leadership camp

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