About Womans Hope

Woman’s Hope Kenya is an organization that links women and girls to critical assets and resources to live their full potential. Our way of work is for and in collaboration with women, girls and communities to individually and collectively create a caring and balanced society for everyone. Together with partners and collaborators, we provide a platform for economic empowerment, self-autonomy, Girl power, championing, advocacy and a shift in social cultural attitudes and perceptions that marginalize women and girls.

Our vision

We envision a society where every woman and girl lives her full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable women and girls in their unique capacity to change their communities. We do this by providing a platform for economic empowerment, self-autonomy, girl power, movement building and advocacy.

Our Core Values

We chart ways together with women, girls and communities. We make progress together, not alone. We’re ready to trust, partner, and stand with others who share our beliefs.

We seek out new ideas and diverse perspectives. We are transparent, welcoming, and passionate about learning and improving

Our work is rooted in principle and commitment to women’s empowerment and autonomy.

Of the resources entrusted to us by our supporters and of the sacred mission given to us by GOD.

We are determined to invest in areas where we make real, lasting improvements in the lives of women, girls and the communities they thrive in.

We inspire others to join us and contribute to a society where every woman and girl lives her full potential. we are dedicated at forging collaborative partnerships, with donors, partners and other organizations in order to achieve this shared goal.

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Our Partners