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Tens of thousands cases of women and girls have been reported to have fallen prey to much more exploitation due to inadequate post abuse facilities such as safe houses. Nairobi, one of the largest cities in Africa, is only home of two safe houses with limited capacity of 20 women against 4000 reported cases of violence against women annually. Woman’s hope has opened the third shelter to offer protection, psychosocial support and healing space to women and girls who have undergone abuse.

In built programs to offer vocational meratol review trainings to survivors while at the shelter, helping in discovery of diverse skills that add value to the women’s life as compared to violence mated against them. In the process of reintegration, women are usually enlightened on new skills of survival and business.
The end products of women’s hope intervention to abused women and girls
are “champions of hope”. These are women and girls who become ambassadors of hope and able to rally other women to stand against abuse.

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